Different kinds of yoga

If you are thinking of giving yoga a try, it’s good to know the different kinds of yoga that exist out there.  The types of yoga that will be described below are just some of the common varieties that are out there.

Different kinds of yoga
Different kinds of yoga

Hatha yoga —- This is the most popular and common types of yoga that is taught in many community centers as well as in universities.  It is used to achieve a balance between both bodies and mind and includes all the traditional yoga posters at all levels.  Thus most yoga styles are derived from Hatha yoga.

Ashatanga yoga — This type of yoga is fast, and flows in a sequence of posters that slowly increase with difficulty the more it is practiced.

Power yoga — It, like Ashatanga is fast-paced but it is for those people who want to tone the body with a dynamic workout.

Bikram yoga — This yoga uses 26 poses in a series.  It is often performed in a heated room that can be from 90 to 100 degrees Farenheight.  Its purpose is to make the body sweat and to increase the body’s flexibility, and detoxify the body.

Kundalini yoga – This yoga seeks to awaken the Kundalini energy that is located at the base of a spine.  This energy is said to be the source of life and when opened it is said to bring awareness and well-being.

Iyengar yoga – This yoga is geared toward aligning the body.  The poses are held for long periods of time, usually for about 10 to 15 minutes and are also performed in order to achieve balance.

Integral yoga – This yoga is gentler than Hatha yoga and seeks to purify the body’s energy channel by emphasizing exercises in breathing, chanting, and meditation.

Forrest yoga — This yoga is very contemporary in nature.  It is the type of yoga that seeks to make you work up to a sweat with deep breathing, core strengthening, and holding posters for long periods of time.  The body is then purified and strengthened, and negative energy is released.

Viniyoga — This yoga is a gentle practice where yoga poses are synchronized with breathing.

Bharat yoga — This yoga seeks to align the spine so that mobility and posture improve.

Dru yoga — These are a series of poses that are performed for inner strength and silence.  It is also used to help the practitioner seek well-being.

Ananda yoga — This is a series of gentle yoga poses that are designed to send energy to the brain and prepare the body for meditation.  It helps promote spiritual growth and self-awareness.

Anusara yoga — This yoga method promotes awareness and well-being with body alignment by becoming one with divine well.

Jivamukti yoga — This yoga is physically intense.  It involves not only the poses but chanting, meditation, and spiritual teachings.

If you are just starting out in yoga, it is recommended that you take a class in a few different styles or the one that appeals and applies to your lifestyle.  It’s also helpful to do two or three different kinds of yoga at the same time to help get your body in shape.  What ever kind of yoga you choose; you will gain the most effective health benefits possible.