Different kinds of meditation

There are many resources out there talking about meditation and its benefits.  The can be found in books, e-books, magazines, Internet sites, you tube videos, DVDs, etc.  With all the resources out there, it is easy to be confused about what meditation is good for one’s well-being as well a clear definition of the kinds of meditation that is out there.  This article will seek to define a few of the popular kinds of meditation and how they work.

Different kinds of meditation
Different kinds of meditation

Standing meditation — This meditation can be found within the practices of Qi Kong, which is the ancient Chinese art of healing.

Silent meditation — Silent meditation is one that can be found in any religious institution and/or environment.  The essence of this form of meditation is to sit in stillness and become one with the silence around you.  This is can be done as a form of prayer in a quiet church, out among the quiet environment in nature, in a Zen Buddhist monastery where sitting in silence is a form of discipline, or even in your own room.

Chanting meditation — Chanting meditation is often associated with chanting heard in Buddhist monasteries using such phrases as: Nam Myoho Renge Kyo or Ohm.   However, it can also be found within the Christian church in the form of prayer.  With the Catholics, saying the rosary out lout or Gregorian chants is also seen as a form of chanting meditation and prayer.   The reason this form of meditation is used and it works is because with the help of the voice, the vibrations of one’s energy as well as the earth are synchronized with the use of voice in order for the two forces to become one as well as to reach a higher level of spiritual consciousness.

Dancing meditation — In her book, the Psychic Vampire Codex, Michelle Belanger offers an interesting meditation exercise that comes in the form of the dance.  The idea is to feel the energy and move the body with the energy at hand.  This is often done with the eyes closed and listening to a particular favorite kind of music.  Techno or trance music is the most effective for this meditation.  The “dancer” will stand still as the sound of the music vibrates and filters through the ears and the body.  Soon, and depending on the rhythm of the music, the “dancer” will then move to the beat and rhythm of the musical sound in a trance-like motion until the music stops or the Universe says enough is enough.  This form of meditation isn’t only just done in the home.  It can also be done at a favorite nightclub where the same music is played and the energy of the music as well as other dancers can enhance the experience.

Drumming meditation — For centuries, many cultures have used drums to summon spirits of the living and the dead to become one with nature.  Native Americans make drumming a part of their ceremonies and prayers.   Others use drumming to help create a steady beat for breath as well as mind and body control.  For others drumming circles are created to help release the spirit into ecstasy and to let go of the material “chains” that bind us.

While the above descriptions of these kinds of meditation seek to help you the reader find the right and appropriate meditation for you, in reality, there really is no one specific kind of meditation that works for everyone.   If you find one kind of meditation works for you, but another one doesn’t, there’s no need to fret, it just means that the meditation method that works for you is the one that’s meant for you and not anyone else.