How to do walking meditation

This is one the easiet methods of doing meditation. This is all about getting awareness about certain things that are related to you while you are walking. You will understand it when we get into it. So, we can start it and learn how to do walking meditation. Well, first of all you should be standing still. Don’t start to walk now. You just need to stand still for some while. And while standing just try to relax and be aware of how the soul of your legs make you stand still. It’s all about being aware of things and nothing else. So, just try to be aware of the sensation that you are feeling when your foot touches the ground. And if you are wearing shoes and socks, be aware of your skin that touches the fabrics of your socks. Just relax and relax. If you think you are already in a relaxed mood, then also try to relax a bit more. This can increase your concentration in walking meditation. Well, next you have to start walking. But you should not walk as you normally walk.


Try to walk very slowly at first, being aware of how you started walking the very first time you were a child. This will make you aware how actually are you able to walk. You will slowly get more relaxed. Try to walk at the same pace being aware that you are able to walk since you are in a balanced state and if you are not balanced then you would not be able to walk without falling to the ground. Now, you may increase the pace and start walking in your normal pace. Get relaxed a bit. Again, if you are thinking that you have already done that, then relax a bit more, it will only increase your concentration in what you are doing. Walk in your normal pace being aware of the fact that your ankles are moving in the air when you lift your legs, the muscles of your legs are also moving, the back and front side of your thighs also has something to do while you are moving. Just move forward in the same normal pace being aware how your skin reacts with your shirts and how the different muscles of your body suits with your shirt. So, these are some of the things that you should be doing while doing walking meditation. So, there is actually no hard wark behind this. You just have to relax do ceratin things as mentioned above. And this is the reason why walking meditation is pretty simple to do.