Powernapping: How to

Business man powernapping

Powernapping can increase our alertness and thus increase the productivity. But it should be done the right way to get the desired results. Here we are going to discuss on how to do powernapping. One of the first steps you should be taking is by finding a good place to do powernapping. It can be even in your car. But, if you are thinking of doing powernapping in your car, make sure that your car is parked in a crowed place. Also make sure that the car is locked from inside. If you are having a mobile phone then make sure that it is switched off. Othwerwise it would sometimes ring in the middle of your powernap. In the same way, if there are any other things with you that may wake you from your power nap then make sure that it won’t be interrupting you from your powernap. Well, some companies, provides space for their workers to nap. So, if your workplace has any such facilities, then you may do power napping there. Otherwise it is better to do it in your car as we have mentioned earlier. And if you don’t have a car, then you may find any other quiet place for it. If you are not in your car, and if you are planning to power nap in the day time, then you may make arrangements to darken the place or you may just wear a sunglass.

You may even switch on your music player with a track that will allows you to sleep pretty fast. If you are not one of those people who are trying to stay away from caffeine, then you may use caffeine before you plan to do the powernapping. The benefit of using caffeine is that it will make you active when you wake from your sleep after powernapping. And if you trying to stay away from caffeine related products, then you can avoid this step, and follow all the rest of the steps. After that make your alarm to go off after 15 minutes. It should be exactly and not any more than that. Doing it for 30 minutes can make you feel sleepy after powernapping. After the alarm starts ringing, switch off it and get up from powernapping. You would be feeling energetic after powernapping. Don’t go for sleep more than 15 minutes as we have mentioned earlier, it can make you more sleepy after you wake up from powernapping.