Powernapping: Benefits

Powernapping has a lot of benefits. It helps us to decrease the stress. Our brain needs rest after we do heavy works for long time. Research in this field have proved that, powernapping can decrease the stress in human beings. And what actually happens when we do powernapping is that the stress hormone levels get lowered in our body. This way the stress in ourselves gets reduced and we would be refreshed for doing our works. Productivity can be increased because of powernapping. It is because we become more alert when do powernapping. And for the same reason, we can concentrate better in our works and ultimately productivity would be increased. And thus increased productivity is one of the benefit of powernapping. Students are the groups that can make use of powernapping during thier exam times. Actually they can do powernapping anytime and this way they would be able to learn and grasp things pretty easily. This way the efficiency of learning can be increased.

Researchers found out that those who does powernapping were with low heart disease risks. They have carried the research on more than 20000 people and founded that those who did powernapping were with low risk of heart diseases. NASA has proved that, IQ of the people increases when they does powernapping a certain number of times a week. They came to know about it from the workers at NASA itself. Well, powernapping helps us to do more exercise. If you are going to gym, then the people at there might have told you to take about 8-10 hours of sleep daily. And if you have followed it, then would be surely thinking of hitting to the gym at the right time daily. You won’t be getting tired or feeling bored when thinking about taking exercise or hitting to the gym if you do powernapping. Powernapping not just makes you fit and healthy. It can even increase the creativity in yourself.