The benefits of meditation

Doctors are constantly trying to tell us to be healthy with our bodies through exercise so that your bodies can be in shape.   However, recent research has also come to suggest that not only do our bodies need to be a good workout, but our mind and spirit do as well.  This is where the practice of meditation can help in both of these areas.

Consider the world we live in today.  We are constantly running around and are oftentimes working two to three jobs so we can have money saved for us.  Thus, when this occurs we are surrounding ourselves with constant stress.  With meditation, the stress that plagues us everyday are lessoned by letting us give time to ourselves and to take time out for 5, 10, 15, or however long you need to take time for ourselves.

The benefits of meditation

Once we take this time out for ourselves, we are able to concentrate and focus better on our day to day activities.  This is the result of the disciplined concentration when learning and training oneself to still the mind during meditation.  When this happens, our problem solving skills can also develop and we are better able to deal with the tasks at hand because we took that “time out” for ourselves.

In fact, if you find yourself panicking while trying to make a big decision, it is advised to close your eyes, say a mantra, count to ten, or whatever method you need to calm down.  When you do this, you’ll feel less anxious, your heart rate will go down, and you’ll be better able to deal with problem, often on a more creative and spontaneous level.  It is guaranteed that once you practice meditation, you will be inspired to create more potential for yourself than you ever thought you could achieve.

Physically, many studies have shown that when meditation is performed and the stress decreases, anxiety decreases, and the immunity increases.   When one has a strong calm mind, the body will not only strengthen itself, but in some cases will help itself get better faster using the tools of meditation.

In addition to the psychological and physical benefits, spiritually meditation helps us with disciplining the mind, controlling our thoughts, detachment from the world (which is essential in many Buddhist teachings), and happiness and peace of mind.  When this happens you will find that those little things that used to upset you before will not bother and almost seem trivial.  In addition, looking deeply within will also becomes a practice.  When this occurs we begin to understand our deeper self and begin to ask questions about our life’s purpose.  In some cases, it could take a lifetime to figure it out.  For others that discovery takes a mere matter of months or years.

Before research and other findings came out on the benefits of meditation, those that practiced it were considered strange, weird, and a bit too new agey. But in order to achieve some of these benefits that have been described above, it takes time and perseverance.   However, since studies have shown the many benefits of this ancient art, the world is beginning to look at meditation in a new light.  And in order to truly gain its benefits, its best to try and see for you by practicing it.