Simple meditation techniques

While there are various ways and methods of meditation techniques that require one to go into deeper study and take a lot of time, there are other simple meditation techniques that exist in taking you on the spiritual path and journey you want to go.

Simple meditation techniques
Simple meditation techniques

Full-Body relaxation technique — This technique is a visualization that often uses the voice to prepare you for other guided mediations and visualizations.  It is often used as a precursor to hypnosis tapes in which the patient completely relaxes before listening to instructions on how to improve their lives.

Mantras —- The mantra meditation technique uses a combination of sounds that are repeated to reach a meditative state with a sound or a chant creating powerful vibrations to the chakras.

Steady gazing — The steady gaze or Trataka technique uses an object such as a candle as a focus for meditation.  The gaze on the object should be fixed until the eyes feel heavy.  In due time, the eyes will be closed and the focused object will be transferred to the third eye as an image.

Zazen — most often found in Zen Buddhism, the zazen method is simple a technique of sitting in stillness in the lotus position with the back straight and movement of the diaphragm.  It is a hard position to achieve because the practice involves no movement of the body.

Walking meditation — in most Buddhist temples, the walking technique is used to clear the mind of thought and worry through the use of walking by breathing slowly with deliberation.  It can be practices individually or with a group of people.

Grounding meditation — This technique helps the mind to focus and settle a spirit and mind that seems restless and unsettled.  The basis involves imagination and awareness of every part of the body that meets the ground.  Often visualizations of a cord rising up and through they body towards the ground are used to help the body take root.  It is often used before magical, Wicca, and other spiritual ceremonies so that the group as a whole can be focused and attentive towards the ritual and the spiritual fruit it produces.  In addition, it is a great technique to use everyday with groups of people to quiet their mind and focus on the task at hand in meetings, in the classroom, or even when doing psychic readings.

Sleep meditation — This technique helps cure sleeplessness and insomnia by inducing relaxation and creating a strong immune system when the body is fast asleep.  It basically is a method of meditation performed right before going to sleep to help release the serotonin levels in the brain.

The techniques described above are just some of the techniques and methods that can be found and described online, in classes, or other spiritual gatherings.  They can sometimes be used for preparation and focusing purposes before an event or task for the mind and body to become calm and relaxed.  Often times some of them are used as a kind of meditation itself.  While each is universally helpful in attaining oneness, focus, and relaxation, not all of them are designed for everyone.  Before seeking and mastering the best technique for you, it is often advised to explore each method first and then determine which one you feel comfortable with to explore more deeply.  Once you do that, practicing your chosen technique daily becomes a part of you and your mindfulness.